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Why Commercial Mortgage Brokers And Non-Traditional Lending Is The Future of Real Estate

Dear Business Owner,

I wrote this e-book so you can make an informed and intelligent decision the next time you contemplate looking for a commercial mortgage. After you finish reading this, you’ll be more knowledgeable than most as to why commercial mortgage lending, particularly in the wake of Covid-19, will be in more demand than ever, with borrowers turning away in masses from traditional main street banks in search of a product that is nuanced and specific to their needs.

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Why I Do What I Do

Having worked in numerous segments of the real estate industry, as an agent, wholesaler, landlord, fix and flipper and mentor I realized that the biggest roadblock to people fulfilling their real estate goals was their access to funding. All their ideas and passion came to a halt when it came to the money. After examining the scenario closely, I realized that even if investors had decent credit, approaching main street banks or conventional hard money lenders became extremely limiting. Banks are usually unwilling to lend on properties that need work and will require large down payments and extensive documentation and will foreclose on a property in a heartbeat. If you have been out of work because of Covid-19, despite having decent credit and savings, banks will still turn you away. The alternative, hard money lenders can kill profit margins with high points and interest. There had to be another alternative.

Fortunately, through my many contacts in the business, I knew there were. Many investors I had met were using private money lenders that did not require extensive documentation. Others were using non-bank and smaller institutional lenders that analyzed deals and borrowers on a case-by-case basis and in a more holistic fashion than larger lenders. Realizing that I could help scores of borrowers that would have otherwise not been able to pursue their investment dreams, by connecting the two, I decided to become a commercial mortgage broker.

The lending industry has been overdue the type of innovation that has disrupted other businesses, putting the power in the consumer’s hands and not the corporations. Airbnb no longer makes staying in a hotel the only option for travelers. Netflix has brought the movie theater home and Ûber means we are no longer reliant on taxis and public transport. Why couldn’t the same thing apply to commercial lending? Why did the banks and exorbitant hard money lenders have a monopoly when it came to borrowing?

Once you have read this report and if what I say sounds intriguing to you, why not book a consultation with me so we can discuss your specific borrowing needs?

(412) 444-8045
10989 Frankstown Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15235

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